west coast national park

The West Coast National Park is a misty, stunning landscape that spans 27,500 hectares. It is flanked by the Atlantic Ocean that bears the mineral rich Benguela Current. As part of the SANParks portfolio, it is set among the striking spring flower blossoms and expansive beaches that surround the Western Cape’s Langebaan Lagoon. The lagoon is recognised as a highly significant wetland site which is rich in biodiversity. Hence it is on an international level of importance. The park is particularly well known for its vegetation and bird life. Making it a must see site.

WCNP (West Coast National Park) is among the finest venues to explore whilst staying in Langebaan. It is right up there with the activities we recommend to our guests. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.


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West Coast National Park

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